We often hear our university partners setting aside projects for summer, but have you considered making the most of down time during winter break? Below are some small projects to tackle over break before students return to our campuses in January:

  • Update any advising resources, especially physical handouts.
  • Complete a website audit to ensure all information is accurate and up to date.
  • Follow up with students in your system with information on how to talk to their parents/family about the benefits of study abroad while home for the holidays.
  • Plan your full spring outreach calendar.
  • Host an appreciation brunch for your faculty directors and support staff.
  • Conduct mid-point reviews or check-ins for student workers to positively reinforce their role in the Fall and to set expectations for Spring.
  • Develop a system or central location to store all the brilliant ideas and “a-ha!” moments. You’ll want to revisit these ideas in the summer when you have even more time, so be sure to store them in a place you won’t forget (even better- in a place where others will hold you accountable!).

Have other great ideas for winter down time? Let us know!

By Ellie Koewler, Senior Campus Coordinator