Every December, IEP comes together for a fun week of team training. It’s the perfect time of year to celebrate each other, our achievements and give space to reflect on the past 12 months.In addition to the conferences, webinars, and workshops we’ve taken part of, this week provides one more opportunity to skill-up heading into a new year.

What do we think is essential for team training?

  1. Showcase Your Achievements: This is a huge motivator for a team.  It reminds you of all the individual and team accomplishments throughout the year. Take a moment to remind them and celebrate these together.
  2. Review Insights: Whether good or bad, it’s imperative to take time to reflect on feedback that has come your way. What did you do well this year?  Where can improvements be made?  Remember that mistakes will be made, but recognize the bigger mistake is avoiding the opportunity to openly discuss ways to improve. Don’t be afraid to showcase some vulnerability with your team.
  3. Set Goals:  A great time to set goals is when you are all together as a team. If you are the leader, highlight the larger goals for the upcoming year.  Get your team excited  and prioritize goals that directly relate to the overall success of the organization.
  4. Professional Development: Never stop learning!  Regardless of your position or the number of years in your industry, keep learning.  Identify professional development opportunities that will assist your team in achieving their goals.  Conduct training that will make an impact on the insights received that year.
  5. Give Thanks: Remind your team how vital they are to your success. Express appreciation for their collegiality and support through the year. Consider giving a gift that has a more personal touch.  What hobbies and activities do your colleagues like?  By making your holiday gift personal it will show you care about each of them individually, and the part they play in making your organization a great place to work.

Struggling to find the time to conduct a training like the above or lost on how to create a training schedule for your team? Ask me what we’ve done over the years.  We’re always happy to share!

Scott Tayloe
Founder and Executive Director