Join us!

Workshop 1: “Strategic planning around reduced staffing.”

Date: July 15, 12:00 p.m. Eastern (Register here)

Description: Did you know our strategic operations team has been providing strategic planning support to education abroad offices for over 17 years? It’s one of our favorite pastimes here at CIS! Summer is often a time of pastimes like baseball, cookouts, camping – and of course strategic planning and those infamous summer projects. Unfortunately this year your team may look smaller, and for those left standing – morale is low. After a year of working virtually and operating in an environment with limited student mobility it’s essential that strategic planning get underway. However, just like education abroad has taken on a bit of a different look, so should your strategy. During this workshop, Scott Tayloe, MBA. Chief Strategy Officer at CIS Abroad, will give you some quick and easy tips on how to rebuild that team morale and head into the fall term a stronger team than ever before.


  • Scott Tayloe, MBA, Founder – IEP Abroad, Chief Strategy Officer – CIS Abroad

Workshop 2: “How to create a data-informed study abroad portfolio (without losing your mind or breaking the bank)”

Date: July 22, 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Eastern (Register here)

Description: Do you have 200+ abroad programs currently open for students in your software system? Is your staff at capacity but tasked to do more? Do you want to get a more diverse group of students abroad through the right mix of provider, direct enroll, faculty-taught, and exchange programs?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop is for you!

Join Kris Holloway, MPH, President & CEO of CIS Abroad; Scott Tayloe, MBA. Chief Strategy Officer of CIS Abroad; Kalpen Trivedi, PhD, Associate Provost of International Programs for this lively workshop on how to create a program portfolio that works.

We’ll use case studies from UMASS and other institutions so you can make data-informed decisions, align with strategy, and uphold your mission. If you’ve used our Restarting Travel Rubric or other decision-making rubric, this is a great time to come with some insights and share or ask questions.


  • Kalpen Trivedi, PhD, Associate Provost of International Programs – UMASS Amherst
  • Kris Holloway, MPH, President & CEO – CIS Abroad
  • Scott Tayloe, MBA, Founder – IEP Abroad, Chief Strategy Officer – CIS Abroad

Workshop 3: “Japan, A Study Abroad Destination Unlike Any Other”

Date: July 27, 12:00 p.m. Eastern (Register here)

Description: US universities and Study Abroad Providers are seeing an increase in interest in studying abroad in Japan. Japan’s rich cultural heritage and ultra modern cities make it a fascinating destination. Students can easily explore art, architecture, and traditions that date back centuries, while living in cities with some of the most sophisticated urban infrastructure in the world.

Some of the topics that Joe and Yuki will discuss include:

  • Japan attracts a different type of student, one that is often passionate about aspects of Japanese culture even before stepping foot on Japanese soil.
  • Many study abroad students use studying in Japan as a stepping stone for international careers / career building. The majority of CIS Abroad’s alumni state that they want to return to Japan to work after graduating from their undergraduate institutions.
  • Health and Safety in Japan (A risk manager’s dream?)
  • Academics in Japan for Study Abroad students – going beyond language and culture
  • Is Tokyo too big to make it a good study abroad destination for the typical study abroad student?
  • Japan ‘insider tips’

Presenters (and grad school buddies!):

  • Joe Debiec, VP of International Operations – CIS Abroad
  • Yuki Kihara, Assistant Director, Global Engagement, College of Science – Clemson University