Working in the study abroad industry, I often find myself asking those around me if they studied abroad in college. I’m not sure why I ask in that way, when in fact studying abroad can occur at any point in ones life. Whether in high school, college, graduate school, or an older professional – studying overseas is an experience we can all take advantage of. This week IEP launched it’s first Continuing Education Program, specifically geared for Art Teachers. The goal – provide an opportunity for art teachers to study abroad not only gaining perspectives and information that they can bring back to their classrooms at home, but also satisfy their annual requirement of continuing education credits. Rather than sitting in a conference hall somewhere in the USA, these teachers are taking in the sights and sounds of Paris – and absorbing all they can take in along the way.

So the next time someone asks you, “Did you study abroad in college?” If you didn’t, I recommend you answer “Not yet!” Stay tuned for the announcement of more continuing education programs for 2018, as we are already planning trips for Teachers and Nurses.

By: Scott Tayloe, IEP Founder & Executive Director