Staff turnover, hiring freezes, or budget cuts - we've got you covered.

The Global Health Department at a large, state institution found themselves in the middle of the fall term without a Study Abroad Coordinator. As a decentralized campus, it was imperative that this role be filled immediately. Unfortunately, the campus had a hiring freeze which required all vacated positions to remain unfilled.  This left the rest of the team to divvy up the job responsibilities and, in turn, added more work to their plates.

A call to IEP provided the team with an alternative solution. Although the institution had a hiring freeze, allocated funds were still available within the department for the remainder of the academic year. If the Study Abroad Coordinator had not vacated their role, the department would have used those funds towards payroll. IEP’s solution: hire a consultant to fill the gap.

As a consultant serving in an interim role we were able to:

  • Serve as their Global Health Study Abroad Advisor
  • Assist faculty in the development and oversight of their faculty-led programs
  • Provide our insights into inefficiencies we are seeing in the role
  • Give tips on how best to market their program opportunities
  • Provide a post-academic year plan should the department still find themselves in a hiring freeze going into the next academic year.
  • And so much more!

Within the first 2 weeks of the project the IEP interim staff member was able to:

  • Set up a task tracker so the Department Head was up to speed on IEP’s progress.
  • Create an enrollment tracker allowing the entire team (including faculty) to check the status of their programs.
  • Meet with all team members and faculty leaders to begin the ultimate test of gaining their respect, ensuring trust is built as an outside consultant.

Throughout the project, IEP was able to improve efficiency and provide the a plan for the next year:

  • Identified ways to continue to fund this position during the hiring freeze.
  • Proposed office restructure, utilizing the current staff, building on their areas of expertise and actual needs of the office space.

“You are too good, our department head already wants to just keep IEP forever!” – Debra