Stop guessing and let your data be the engine that drives your team's success.

A 5+ person Education Abroad Office at a mid-sized, private institution was struggling to grow enrollment and meet institutionally-set goals. Although they were sitting on a pile of data, they had no clear vision of their core student studying abroad, where there were gaps in programming, nor how to best collaborate with academic departments to grow study abroad enrollment.

IEP did a deep dive into the current and historical data from this institution. Over the course of several weeks, IEP connected with each member of the team to discuss data collection methods and its use in decision making.  We analyzed:

  • Past application conversions
  • Participant data
  • Marketing and outreach efforts
  • Courses completed on study abroad programs
  • And more!

IEP completed a full data analysis and presented a report showcasing potential areas for growth and marketing efforts with the highest return on investment.  IEP also delivered tools to continue using the data collected. Our tools included:

  • Handouts for each academic department, outlining historical data and potential areas of growth in their specific department
  • Course equivalency database by program, as well as by major
  • Streamlined process for data collection and usage moving forward

“IEP was an incredible help to our team to help us ramp up for growth in programming and student participation. It’s been hard work, but well worth the investment. We don’t want our consultant to leave!” – Julie