We’re all on the quest for the best time management tools. One-person offices and budget cuts leave our field strapped for every minute of time we can get. We haven’t found the Holy Grail yet, but here are some tips and tools to keep you on track during the busy season:

  • Online meeting scheduler – Cut the back-and-forth emails to schedule appointments out of your life entirely. Our team has used Youcanbook, Appointlet, and Calendly to save ourselves from wasted time and more emails. Appointlet and Calendly have free versions, or you can pay for the premium features to fit your needs.
  • Time your tasks – The famed pomodoro technique gets a tech facelift with the online to-do list and timer, Tomatoid. Break your tasks into more manageable chunks of time, with plenty of mini-breaks in-between for maximum energy sustainability! Registration is free.
  • Batching – Coordinating programs at varying stages? Use the batching technique to concentrate your efforts. Instead of switching from task to task throughout the day, set aside time to do the same task (like course registration or visa processing) for all of your programs or events. Combine with the pomodoro technique and fly through that to-do list.
  • Swallow the frog – Problems with procrastinating on projects until the last minute? Have an email that’s been sitting in your inbox for DAYS? Our team uses the motto, “swallow the frog” as a reminder to just get it done. Answer the email immediately after you open it. Set aside your morning to finish (or start) that project! Just swallow the frog, already!

Have you had success with other techniques? We’d love to hear them- comment below!