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IEP Consultation Case Studies

We treat every consultation individually to provide you customized solutions specific to your campus goals. Read on to learn about 3 models used at some of our partner institutions.

Staffing Solutions Model 1: Full-time leadership

Case Study: St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM)

After experience high turnover, university leadership chose to bring in IEP for the fall semester, later expanding  to a 3 year partnership. As an institution that sends over half of  their students abroad and hosts international students regularly, senior leadership recognized the need to better understand the office’s role on campus before rebuilding the office staff.

Bringing IEP staff to serve as sitting director allowed institutional leadership the perspective needed to:

  • Establish the international education office as a hub of expertise and trust. IEP is backed by over 50 years of experience and has a team of knowledgeable staff across the country that understand policies and best practices of risk management, faculty partnerships, and student support.
  • Re-evaluate office priorities. IEP tracks data across multiple campuses showcasing the best use of office time, especially for the smallest of offices. When implemented, these changes better serve students and faculty and often save the university money.
  • Audit processes and staff roles to identify areas of improvement and opportunities to increase efficiency.
  • Maintain immigration compliance for international students and implement guidelines to support designated campus officials.


Staffing Solution Model 2: Part-time efficiency and support

Case Study: Plymouth State University (PSU)

University-wide budget cuts forced the international education office to cut all but 1 of a 3 person office staff. Through collaboration with international education staff, IEP was able to demonstrate the value of investing in strategic staffing, while recognizing the limitations of the university budget.  IEP’s model for efficient staffing:

  • Supports existing staff with decision making and advocacy to leadership. IEP has data from multiple campuses that showcases the best use of office time, especially for the smallest of offices. When implemented, these changes better serve students and faculty and often save the university money.
  • Connects the office to resources from other IEP campuses to alleviate duplication of efforts in marketing, events, and other outreach.
  • Streamlines advising and offset workload for staff by aligning programming with trusted IEP partners.
  • Provides part-time staff while the institution conducts candidate search to fill open position(s).


Staffing Solution Model 3: Customized consulting

Case Study: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of South Alabama (USA), Seattle Pacific University (SPU)

IEP has helped universities across the US in a variety of short-term projects. Examples of consulting services include:

  • Office Efficiency Analysis: Organization and efficiency are catalysts in setting an office up for success. By ensuring all systems and procedures are designed for success, the office can use the time saved from operating under an efficient process to focus on strategic planning, goal achievement and future projects.
  • Data Analysis: Collect and organize all past and present Education Abroad data. Goals of this project include: Create tools designed to allow for data-driven decisions. This includes better understanding of the conversion rates at which students apply for programs, tracking of historical enrollments by application dates and using these data tools to help identify areas for capacity building.
  • Student Inquiry Management: Following up with all of your student inquiries can be a full time job.  Whether you are using a CRM or a spreadsheet, IEP can share successful strategies for efficiently managing responses.
  • Campus Marketing Strategy: By analyzing your current campus trends and data IEP can help you design and implement a tailored marketing strategy to maximize your outreach efforts. We work to plot your student journey from initial interest to application to participant onsite to understand conversion points and identify obstacles to mitigate.
  • Website Analysis: Does your website need a facelift?  IEP can take time to review your website and provide thoughtful suggestions for improvement.
  • Social Media Strategy: Trying to reach students through email alone?  IEP can help you design a social media strategy that will help you engage with your campus community through a variety of social media platforms
  • On-Boarding & Training: Setting your staff up for success requires coaching and support from day one. Whether it’s helping you create an on-boarding schedule or assessing where the training gaps may be in your office, IEP can work with you to ensure that your staff are well equipped for their position.



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With IEP's suggestions, we've been able to implement strategies that have already increased the efficiency of our office and improved our outreach.

Gail DeBellDirector, Seattle Pacific University

IEP has had a tremendously positive impact. We have far surpassed our initial goals for our partnership with IEP and look forward to further growth and innovation with them.

Catherine MarshallDirector, Ohio University

We've been working with them to come up with strategies and action plans to improve our office. We've benefited greatly from their experience and insight, and I can already see progress being made!

SaraStudy Abroad Advisor, MIT

I was impressed with what IEP has so deftly and quickly put together for our college. Thanks to your team for such stellar professionalism!

Dr. Katherine GantzChair of the Faculty, St. Mary's College of Maryland

IEP has been an incredible help to our team to help us ramp up for growth in programming and student participation. It's been hard work, but well worth the investment. We don't want our consultant to leave!

JulieAssistant Dean, MIT