It’s a new year!  Heck, it’s a new decade! We all love to set new year’s resolutions in our personal lives but how about in our work lives? This year, resolve to be SMART and also set SMARTER goals.  

For all of us who had a Business 101 course during undergrad we know the SMART acronym for goal-setting. All goals should be:

Specific – know exactly what you want to accomplish

Measurable – able to track progress towards the goal

Achievable – something tangible that can be checked off your list

Relevant – tied to your organizational priorities/role

Time-bound – set date and time for completion

How do we set SMARTER goals?

In addition to ensuring your goals are all of the above, consider two additional aspects in your goal-setting.

Set goals that are open to continuous and ongoing evaluation along the way. Ask for feedback and read it on a consistent basis.  When feedback is sought and considered, your team is more likely to be on board with the direction you are headed.

We know in business that change is inevitable, so give yourself permission to revise goals consistently based on information and insights coming your way.  Don’t stick with a bad or unachievable goal for the sake of sticking with it.  

Have you set a goal lately and wonder if it’s SMARTERSend it along to us and we’re happy to give you our input!

Scott Tayloe
Founder and Executive Director