Happy almost fall term! As summer comes to a close, hopefully so do many of your summer projects. For team IEP it’s all about “practicing what we preach” and one thing we always tell our partners is the importance of on-going training, no matter how old or experienced we may be in our industry! This summer, we did just that. Our entire team came together a few weeks ago to go through our yearly data, discuss trends in the field, and brush up on our emergency response skills. Here’s a quick snippet of what we covered as a team:

Managing High Stress Situations:
Throughout the year it’s going to happen, the need to respond to an emergency crisis abroad, or simply an angry email from a parent. By going through various tactics such as identifying the stakeholder and setting aside emotions, we came together as a team to not only be pro-active, but learn how to keep our sh*t together while everyone around us might be losing theirs!

It’s All About the Data:
We spent one full day just mining our data, specifically, how many applications came through our doors and how many actually ended up going abroad. We discovered when we were busiest throughout the year as well as the reasons why students signed up for our programs. By understanding our data and trusting our data we were able to set our 2018 enrollment goals in one afternoon! Curious about our projections? We are estimating a 19% average growth across all of our campus partners.

Free Webinar Series Launch:
During our training we launched our free webinar series. In just 3 weeks we’ve had more than 150 institutions tune in! Through these trainings, institutions have been given tools on how to integrate business practices into their offices, how to track and use data to make decisions, and how to master the art of marketing to faculty – to fill their programs. If you missed these, we are happy to send them along or even do them live on your campus.

So, did you cover any training this summer as a team? If not, IEP is here to help 🙂

By Scott Tayloe, IEP Founder & Executive Director