This summer our entire team got together on the campus of one of our partners and the theme was “Data”. With so many of our campus partners and clients being driven to increase their enrollments we wanted to ensure our systems were giving us accurate data they we and they can use to present to the “powers that be” on their campuses.

As we approach the mid-point to the semester, we took a moment to read and analyze our data. So, what are we seeing?

+56% more Paid Apps then this time last year.
+72.7% more Spring Apps then this time last year.
+103.3% more J-term Apps then this time last year.
-41.2% down on Summer Apps from this time last year.

For our consultant clients is there something hidden in the data? Are students going back to longer-term opportunities with less focus on the short-term summer options? Time will tell.

For our campus partners that utilize IEP to manage their education abroad offices, so far our data is proving accurate. For example, one of our partners tends to see a 54% conversion rate on applications to enrolled participants. In order to see 25 students go abroad this spring, they needed 46 applications. As the spring deadline approaches to date they’ve received 48 applications and are on track for their campus to hit their goal.

Data always has a story to tell and we are having fun reading it. We’re watching and listening closely to our data. Are you? If your response is “We don’t have data, or I can’t get my hands on it” then call on IEP to help. We bet your data is there and can’t wait to see what story it is telling on your campus.

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By Scott Tayloe, IEP Founder and Executive Director