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Keeping The International Doors Open

By July 30, 2020 No Comments

They say history repeats itself.  16 years ago I was graduating and fighting to keeping the international doors open at my alma mater.  Little did I know, that fight would launch me into a career I had never imagined.

Looking Back

Determined to see the world, traveling had always been a passion and a direction I knew I wanted my life to take. As a college freshman I assumed the only way I would see the world was to work in an industry where travel was required. Obviously, I had to be a pilot.

During my college career this little thing called study abroad not only changed my life trajectory, but opened my eyes to what travel could truly be.  I knew I wanted more than just day trips and photo ops in front of famous landmarks. I dreamed of one-way tickets, new people, new places and an abundance of time.

My dream was that all students would experience the transformative power of education abroad.

Naturally, when my alma mater experienced a financial crisis and study abroad was on the chopping block I had to do something.   I wanted to ensure future students would share the same opportunity to go abroad.

Moving Forward

Enter IEP. Founded in the midst of uncertainty and financial hardship, this simple idea to save one office became so much more. Unique in our industry, for the last 16 years we have proudly partnered with institutions to keep international education alive.

Fast forward, and it feels like history repeating today.  Covid-19 has thrown the ultimate wrench in our plans and travels.  BUT – that doesn’t mean the end for international education.  Whether you are experiencing a hiring freeze, looking for professional, interim staffing or struggling to navigate a budget crisis – IEP can help. Check out our interim staffing page and see how we’ve helped other institutions over the years. Together, we can keep your doors open too.


IEP Founder & Executive Director