Hosting a series of workshops for faculty directors is a great way to build relationships with those that support, lead, and recruit for global programs. Institutions of all sizes can benefit from a stronger sense of community among faculty directors.Workshops serve to educate the campus community on timely topics of interest, establishing the ed abroad office as a hub of best practices and expertise. Workshops also provide the space to establish faculty as partners, reiterate expectations, as well as provide tools to contribute toward reaching the common goal we all share: getting more students to participate in global programs. Strategies for Success:

  • Before: Set your topics for workshops for the entire academic by considering the strengths of your office and the needs of your audience. Collaborate with other offices to use their expertise (career center, academic advisors, community service offices, etc.). Be sure to invite a few key faculty to co-present at every workshop. This not only lightens your prep-load, but also sets an inclusive tone and a format that is more geared to a discussion of experiences, rather than a lecture. Finally, set a marketing plan… and stick to it!
  • During: As mentioned earlier, intentionally set up your information to be provided in a discussion-based format by building in activities, questions, and prompts to get those in the room talking and sharing. Set the stage of the room to be conducive to this by making the layout “roundtable” style, rather than theater seating. Provide coffee and donuts, as well as tangible resources faculty can leave with. Be sure to collect attendance and testimonials of those that attend.
  • After: Distribute testimonials to promote the next workshop, make the resources available online, send evaluations of the workshop, and store notes in a shared location for future office use.

Stay tuned for a addition blogs on faculty workshops including a case study, marketing strategies, and topic ideas!

By Ellie Koewler, Senior Campus Coordinator