Choosing the right mix of topics to cover for your faculty workshop series will drive attendance, provide balance to administrative processes, and lead to engaging conversations that may shed light on ways to improve your office and faculty relationships. Below is a list of topics to get your wheels turning. When selecting topics, be sure to consider the strengths of those in your office/who will be leading the workshop, needs of the audience, trainings for new directors, hot topics, and opportunities toy collaborate with other offices on campus.

  • Marketing 101- how to fill programs
  • Developing pre-departure orientations
  • How to integrate career perspectives into your program
  • Sustainable service learning
  • Addressing group dynamics onsite
  • Proposing a new program/program development
  • Working with a third party provider
  • Advising students
  • Finances and budgeting
  • Diversity and inclusion-focused programming
  • Accessibility abroad
  • Cross-cultural activities, ice breakers, exercises to deepen immersion

Interested in content for any of these? Reach out to IEP for support!

By Ellie Koewler, IEP Senior Campus Coordinator