An essential piece to a successful faculty workshop series is of course, getting the right folks to show up. To market your series, consider the following to ensure your faculty directors are not only aware of the workshops, but actually WANT to make time to attend.

  • Set details for complete series during the summer – use a consistent time and location
  • Hand-write invitations – in a world of mass emails, add a personalized touch
  • …but also mass email a reminder before each
  • Include in your faculty newsletters or any other communication that faculty otherwise are used to receiving
  • Use consistent “branding” in any invitations, email attachments, etc.
  • Invite current and potential directors, program staff such as student assistants, and graduate students on your campus such as those in Higher Ed or College Student Personnel programs
  • Message informality – OK to come late, discussion-based format
  • Collect evaluations/testimonials for future marketing!

By Ellie Koewler, Senior Campus Coordinator