The other day we were finalizing our fall webinar series and going back and forth as a team on what day and time to offer each session. One person suggested Friday because people say they take less meetings on a Friday, and should be in their offices. Another person said Monday because people say they are more likely to absorb information at the start of the work week. After we were well into the conversation, one person finally spoke up and said suggested we turn to data.  Imagine that!  Using data to schedule our webinar about data.  

Contrary to our assumptions, the data told us something very different, and gave us the insights to make a more informed decision. It provided details on the day and time that people are most likely to sign up, actually watch, and ultimately engage in a webinar. Hence, our webinars are scheduled for Tuesdays at 11am.

Data is all around us; it’s a part of our lives everyday. Unfortunately, like we did above, we very often look past it and use our assumptions to make decisions. While our social cues and assumptions are valuable, data can quite often give us the insights we need to either confirm or change our path.

Recently, my local coffee shop stopped offering the type of latte that I ordered. At first I was frustrated, but as a business leader, I had to respect it. It wasn’t a meeting of assumptions that caused them to remove it from the menu; rather a team of individuals looking over data that their cash register was spitting out. A menu item not commonly ordered was likely the cause of a slower efficiency rate. It’s one more item for the team to know how to make, for the team member to find in the cash register, and ingredients to stock in the store. It all came down to data.

I know what many of you are thinking –  This all sounds great, but I don’t have a cash register spitting out data. We are a small team with limited time for data or there has never been any data tracking before. Start today, you can’t afford to not track your data.

Curious where to start? Join our free webinar led by our very own Nicole Hughes.  It’s next Tuesday…at 11am (EST). Sign up here!

Scott Tayloe
IEP Executive Consultant

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