November 13th – 17th is International Education Week! All across the United States, campuses are gearing up for a week filled with events that celebrate the importance of international education. Here are some of IEP’s tips for being proactive when planning International Education Week:

1. Plan Ahead: International Education Week is always mid-November. Start thinking about events you’d like to host and create a plan of action a few months ahead. Thinking of these things in advance will help you get a jump start on planning and save the headaches of last minute planning. Some important things to consider when creating your plan:
Where will you host these events?
Do you have a budget?
Can you repeat any events from the following years?
Do you have campus buy-in?

2. Reach out to other departments on campus: Do you know of other departments on campus who are involved with IEW? Reach out to them to see what they have planned!

3. Create a committee: If you have buy-in from other departments on campus, consider an IEW committee. This will give all who is interested an opportunity to share their ideas and goals together. Having a committee can also help streamline tasks and responsibilities amongst each department.

4. Check out the IEW page on the U.S. State Department’s website: Don’t have enough time to come up with an entire week of events? Try checking out the IEW website from the State Department. Here you will be able to see what other institutions and organizations have planned. You can build off of these ideas and put your own spin to them, or simply browse for inspiration. The website also offers templates for promotional materials and social media content to help you promote your events for the week.

Whether it’s your first IEW or your 100th, share your successes with us. We’d love to hear how you are engaging your campus community and celebrating IEW.

By Jessica Lisenba, IEP Campus Coordinator