Scott Tayloe

Founder and Executive Director

As a passionate entrepreneur, international educator and efficiency guru Scott first started IEP by assisting his alma-mater, Jacksonville University, with the oversight and management of their study abroad office. Since IEP’s opening, Scott has gone on to assist dozens of U.S. campuses with the opening, management and oversight of their Education Abroad and International Student Programming. Scott is a former NAFSA Trainer Corps Member, former NAFSA Regional State Representative, and a co-Author of a NAFSA Publication on Short-Term Programming. Scott’s proud to be supporting U.S. Universities whom are on the brink of closing their study abroad offices, struggling to find support for their international centers or just lost in how to increase their enrollment. With IEP, anything is possible. In his free time you can find Scott on his local beach in Florida or flying over the beach as a recreational pilot.

Ginny Garzón

Director of Operations

Ginny began her career with IEP in August 2006, after graduating from Augustana College. Initially focusing on student recruitment and advising for intern and volunteer programs abroad, her role has expanded to include advising and administration for all IEP programs at Jacksonville University. Ginny coordinates campus marketing and outreach efforts, oversees transient student admissions, and choreographs the application process to ensure all appropriate JU departments are supporting the student experience. In 2011 she completed her Masters of Education in Instructional Leadership and Organizational Development . In addition to her own semester abroad experience in Australia, Ginny has traveled to Canada, Costa Rica, England, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela, and Spain.

Ellie Koewler

Senior Campus Coordinator

Ellie traveled all over the U.S. with family while growing up, and jumped at the chance to get abroad during her sophomore year at Ohio University. After spending a semester in Mexico, the travel bug officially set in and she participated in two more study abroad programs: Spring Break in Northern Ireland and Winter Break in Costa Rica. Ellie joined IEP in 2015 and is based at our largest campus, Ohio University. It’s there that she works with the OHIO GO office to advise on OHIO faculty-led, CISabroad, World Internships, Kaya Volunteer, and Performing Arts Abroad programs. In addition to her support of Ohio’s GO Global Office, Ellie assists other IEP campuses in their needs assessment projects and organization goals. In her spare time, Ellie enjoys Pilates, sampling coffees and cookies from around the world, and helping students find a great fit for their international goals. The question is not “Can I study abroad?” but “When?!

Nicole Hughes

Campus Coordinator

Nicole joined IEP in November 2015 as a study abroad advisor at Valparaiso University where she advises on faculty-led, CISabroad, World Internships, Kaya Volunteer, and Performing Arts Abroad programs. During Nicole’s junior year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, she studied abroad in Granada, Spain, where she not only fell in love with the land of wine, olives, and flamenco; but also developed an understanding of the importance of international, cross-cultural experiences. Upon graduation, Nicole returned to Spain to teach English in a secondary school in Almeria. While in Spain, she was able to travel extensively throughout the country: her favorite cities include Granada, Sevilla, and Toledo although she would never pass up a day on the beaches of Nerja. In addition to Spain, Nicole has traveled to Italy, Belgium, Morocco, and Hungary. Next on her list is the UK, Nicaragua,and Guatemala.

Samantha Rommel

Study Abroad Advisor

Sam started working for IEP in October 2015. After 9 months as the Marketing & Outreach Intern and a month of working abroad with students on a CISabroad program, she returned to IEP at Ohio University as a Study Abroad Advisor. In addition to her advising duties, Sam leads the social media team and a return student organization for OU and supports the IEP team with all things tech and marketing. When she was a student, she studied abroad in Northern Ireland and received a research grant to conduct ethnographic research in Cambodia. Her travels for work have also taken her to France, Germany, Poland, and Ukraine. Sam’s passion projects include becoming a polyglot, Doula, and spending an entire summer rock climbing across the US. You can find her sipping coffee at any hour of the day, giggling at comics from The Oatmeal, and probably listening to music in languages she doesn’t understand (yet!)!

Debra Regan

Campus Coordinator

Deb joined IEP in July 2016 and is happy to be advising students on studying away and working with faculty to plan and implement short-term courses involving international travel. Prior to joining IEP, she was the Director of the Global Education Office at PSU where she managed both study away and international student and scholar services. For many years, she also oversaw career services and internship programs at PSU. Deb has traveled to many countries during her 25 years of in the field of international education including most of Europe, New Zealand, China, Japan, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, and Russia. She has a Masters in Counseling.

Jessica Lisenba

Campus Coordinator

In July of 2016, Jess returned to her alma mater that is USA to start her career as a study abroad advisor. She found her passion in International Education during her study abroad trip to Cuenca, Spain in the Summer of 2014. Her trip to spain has enhanced her appreciation of Spanish culture, and she has since then reigned a cheese enthusiast, with Manchego being her favorite. Upon return from her study abroad trip, she became an International Education Ambassador for USA, participated in the inaugural Global Student Leadership Summit at the Diversity Abroad conference, and presented at the 2015 NAFSA Region VII conference. Now a recent graduate, Jess brings a fresh mind to the Office of International Education at USA and relates well to the student body. She advises on all GE programs, and also leads and oversees the day to day responsibilities of the International Education Ambassadors, which is a group of 11 interns. Jess hopes to travel more, with southern Spain and Bolivia being her next adventures.

Katherine Sumner

Campus Coordinator

Katherine joined IEP in August 2016. Fluent in German, she studied abroad in Munich, Germany for two semesters as an undergraduate, and is a double graduate of the College of William and Mary with a B.A. in German Studies and English, and an M.A.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction. Katherine was awarded a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Scholarship in 2010, and spent a year in Berlin, Germany teaching English to German, Russian, and Turkish high school students. She has led several summer study abroad trips to Germany, Belgium, and the Czech Republic. In addition to her immersion experiences in Europe, Katherine lived in Seoul, South Korea for four years as a US Air Force dependent. Katherine loves dancing ballet and modern, and has never found a beach she didn’t like!

 Susan Brodersen

Campus Coordinator

Susan first got bitten by the travel bug in high school when she studied abroad in Spain in 2006.  Since then Susan started working with IEP at Jacksonville University in 2010 after she finished her second study abroad program with them to the UK and Ireland.  She has worked with  IEP in their office, as well as overseas.  She graduated from Jacksonville University in 2012 with a B.S. in economics, with minors in history, art history, international studies, and English; the last two of which she earned on her travels abroad.  She fell so much in love with the UK that she moved back there to get her masters degree in 2014.  As a campus advisor, Susan loves to work with students and help them realize their dreams of studying abroad.  An avid traveler, Susan has visited almost half the countries in Europe and plans to take Oceania by storm next.