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International Education Programs (IEP) has been providing campus based Education Abroad and International Student Services to our partners since 2004. As the first of its kind, IEP assists U.S. campuses with their management, development and oversight of anything and everything international.

Our Team

A former Trainer Corps member for NAFSA, a former PDSO, a co-Author for a NAFSA publication, and over 50 collective years on college campuses. Meet the IEP team and find out how you can tap into our resources and knowledge.

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Our team is on campuses across the country listening and hearing from students and faculty. Looking to increase your enrollment on study abroad? Struggling to organize all of your international student needs on campus? Follow along as we share trends we are seeing in the field and ways your office can best organize for the future.



In their almost over five years on campus, IEP has had a tremendously positive impact. Our students are taking advantage of expanded program options and highly personalized advising. More students than ever are signing up for internship opportunities. Faculty have really appreciated the support IEP provides in custom program development. We have far surpassed our initial goals for our partnership with IEP and look forward to further growth and innovation with them.

Catherine MarshallOhio University

Having IEP on our campus is an extraordinary resource both as a recruiting tool and as a student service. Before IEP I administered all aspects of my own study abroad programs. By partnering with them, I can really focus on what matters most to me and my students – teaching.”

Ginger SheridanFaculty at Jacksonville University

Designing a study away program with IEP is a true partnership—faculty are freed to concentrate on course content and learning outcomes while the smart, totally organized, super nice IEP staff work on all the logistics. Working with IEP, faculty know their program will be a success (and that the train tickets and museum passes will be at hand!).

Dr. Theresa MoranOhio University

IEP has supported this program in the past by making all the travel arrangements and collecting the appropriate student passport, health and insurance information. For the past 3 times I have taught the Coral Reef Ecology course, they have provided a very complete notebook of information on the student, contacts and emergency procedures. This takes the burden off me to chase down the information, but it also provides me with the assurance that the information is organized and accessible on campus should someone need to contact one of the students during the trip. The Student Learning goals for Coral Reef Ecology are all taken care of on-site by us (the professors teaching the course) and the field station. Fortunately, IEP has not had to arrange anything beyond our initial travel and the reservations with the field station. However, they make it possible for us to focus on the teaching and learning and not get too wrapped up in the travel and logistics details.

Dr. Lee Ann ClementsJacksonville U

I cannot say enough about the support I’ve received from IEP. They literally take the worry out of my education abroad courses for both me and the students. They have worked with me and other faculty at every stage from planning, to implementation, to evaluation. IEP asks me what I want, need, and make helpful suggestions. I have received thorough pre-departure information that is detailed and well-organized. They think of everything and offer complete itineraries as well as contingency plans. IEP has always provided friendly and prompt support whenever we have needed it. While abroad, it doesn’t matter the time of day or what the issue might be, I’ve been completely at ease knowing I had someone either in country or back in the United States that could help me. I have the utmost respect and gratitude for this organization of professionals. They have offered me and my students guidance that is current and honest. I feel like they sincerely care that our education abroad program runs smoothly, contains academic rigor, and is a memorable experience for all involved!

Dr. Michelle EdmondsJacksonville University